Introduction of Oya Labolatory, Prof. Masaru Oya, Ph.D.
Department of Risk Management and Environmental Sciences
Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences
Yokohama National University

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Research Fields of Oya Laboratory
Two types of research are conducted in this laboratory.

(1) Science on Cleaning and Detergent
Cleaning and washing are very important processes in wide fields from domestic treatment to many industrial processes. But as for the soil removing process, any academic scientific there hasn't been established as one of the science  Knowledge of Chemistry is needed for students in this labolatory, and your study in this labolatory will be on experimental fields. Usually, you have to take an entrance examination for master cource of graduate school on the subjects such as cheistry and mathematics.

(2) Information Literacy on Environment and Safety Fields
To  develop consumer education relating to environmental problems and human safety, we are going to construct information literacy on environment and safety fields. The concrete themes are <1> how to develop theoretical thinking in consumer education, <2> how to control non-scientific information, <3> is there any method to transform consumer values from economy to sustainability, etc.

How to be a Research Student (Kenkyu-sei) at Oya Labolatory

Basically, research students are going to enter master course or doctor course for studying in my laboratory. Knowledge and experiences of chemistry (college revel) or technical skills for programming (Visual BASIC and/or C ) are needed for students in this labolatory. For master course students, Japanese ability are needed, too..

How to be a Master Cource Student at Oya Labolatory
Master cource students at this labolatory are needed scientific konowledge of chemistry or information sciences..
You have to take an entrance examination. Usually, the paper test will be held on July and it is devided three parts. The first subject is English, but if you have the good score of TOEIC or TOFLE, you can substitute the score for paper examination. In the second part of the examination, you select three subjects out of following subjects; linear algebra, differential equation, statistics, strength of materials, physical chemistry, inorganic/analytical chemistry, organic chemistry/biochemistry, safety engineerling, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, several biological subjects, and so on, The third part of examination is writing short thesis in Japanese or English.
If you are college student now and have got good score of college credit, you may take a special entrance examination without papere test.
Additionally, special examination for working people without general paper test is available, too.

How to be a Doctor Cource Student at Oya Labolatory
Doctor cource students at this labolatory are needed scientific konowledge of chemistry or information sciences, too. You should be interested in a financial matter especially of scholarship. The optimal scholarship is Monbukagakusho scholarship. If you want to fix the scholarship before coming to Japan, please apply to Japanese embassy in your country. If you have enough money to come to enter doctor cource, come first as a research student (Kenkyu-sei), and apply for the Monbukagakusho scholarship. The probability of getting scholarship is not 100%, but relativery high, now.

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